Tuesday, November 12th, was the last day for candidate filing with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. There was quite a bit of activity at the Capitol – even Michael Bloomberg showed up in person to file for his candidacy for President of the United States.  And Senator Joyce Elliott (D, Little Rock) filed to run against Congressman French Hill (R, Little Rock) for the House seat in the 2nd Congressional District. 

Below is a quick a breakdown of what the legislative elections will look like in Arkansas:

There will be 16 House Primary Elections, with three of those being Democratic.  In the Senate there are five Primaries with two of those being Democratic.  In the House, all 100 seats are up for re-election and 46 members are unopposed.

In the Senate 17 of the 35 seats are up for re-election and, of those, seven are unopposed. 

As a reminder, the Primary Election will take place on March 3, 2020 and the General Election is November 3, 2020.   Let the fun begin!

The links for each candidate will take you to their profile and information with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office.

Please let us know any questions you may have!

2020 Candidates for the Arkansas Senate Candidates for Arkansas House of Representatives
Current Seat Holder Candidate Party Current Seat Holder Candidate Party
Dist. 1 – Hester, R Bart Hester R Dist. 1 – Dalby, R Rep Carol Dalby R
  Ronetta Francis D
Dist. 2 – Jean, R Rep Lane Jean R
Dist. 2 – Hendren, R Senator Jim Hendren R
  Ryan Craig D Dist. 3 – Watson, R State Rep Danny Watson R
Larry D. Faulkner, Sr. D
Dist. 7 – Eads, R Senator Lance Eads R
Dist. 4 – Vaught, R Rep DeAnn Vaught R
Dist. 11 – Hickey, Jr., R Senator Jimmy Hickey, Jr. R
Dist. 5 – Fielding, D State Rep. David Fielding D
Dist. 12 – Maloch, D Senator Bruce Maloch D Chase McDowell R
  Charles Beckham R
Dist. 6 – Shepherd, R State Rep Matthew J. Shepherd R
Dist. 13 – Clark, R Senator Alan Clark R
  Brandon Overly R Dist. 7 – Barker, R Rep Sonia Eubanks Barker R
  Jeff Crow D George Calloway, Jr. D
Dist. 16 – Davis, R Senator Breanne Davis R Dist. 8 – Wardlaw, R Rep Jeffrey R. Wardlaw R
Christopher Ogburn D
Dist. 21 – Cooper, R State Senator John Cooper R
  Representative Dan Sullivan R Dist. 9 – Burch, D Rep LeAnne Burch D
Howard Beaty R
Dist. 22 – Wallace, R Senator Dave Wallace R
Dist. 10 – Holcomb, R Rep Mike Holcomb R
Dist. 23 – Caldwell, R Senator Ronald Caldwell R
Dist. 11 – Glover, D Rep Don Glover D
Dist. 25 – Flowers, D Senator Stephanie Flowers D Mark D. McElroy R
Efrem Elliott D
Dist. 12 – Richey, D Rep Chris Richey D
Dist. 26 – Cheatham, D Senator Eddie L. Cheatham D David Tollett R
  Bill Dunklin R
  Ben Gilmore R Dist. 13 – Hillman, R Rep. David Hillman R
Dist. 27 – Garner, R Senator Trent Garner R Dist. 14 – Lynch, R Rep Roger Dale Lynch R
  Keidra Burrell D Christia Jones I
  Garry L. Smith D Rick Bransford D
Dist. 28 – Dismang, R Senator Jonathan Dismang R Dist. 15 – Bragg, R Rep Ken Bragg R
Wayne Willems L
Dist. 29 – Hill, R Senator Ricky Hill R
Dist. 16 – Ferguson, D Rep Ken Ferguson D
Dist. 32  -Bond, D* Bob Thomas D
  Clarke Tucker R Dist. 17 – Flowers, D Rep Vivian Flowers D
Dist. 34 – English, R Senator Jane English R Dist. 18 – Womack, R Rep Richard Womack R
  Alisa Blaize Dixon D
Dist. 19  Gonzales, R Rep Justin Gonzales R
D – Democrat
R- Repbulican Dist. 20 – Maddox, R State Rep John Maddox R
I – Independent
L – Libertarian Dist. 21 – Richmond, R Rep Marcus Richmond R
Jim Reynolds R
Dist. 22 – Gates, R Richard Alvin Midkiff R
Jack Wells R
J. P.  Richard McGrew R
Judy Bowers L
Dist. 23 – Fite, R State Rep Lanny Fite R
Dist. 24 – Cozart, R Rep Bruce Cozart R
Dist. 25 – Warren, R Rep Les Warren R
Dist. 26 – Rushing, R* Rick McClure R
*Not running Joyce Schimenti D
Lorna Nobles R
Dist. 27 – Mayberry, R State Rep. Julie Mayberry R
Gary Fults I
Dist. 28 – Kelly, R* Tony Furman R
*Not Running Patricia Ashley I
Marietta McClure R
Dist. 29 – Love, D State Rep Fred Love D
Dist. 30 – Allen, D State Rep Fred Allen D
Dist. 31 – Davis, R* Mazhil Rajendran D
*Not Running Keith Brooks R
Councilman RJ Hawk R
Sandy Furrer I
Dist. 32 – Sorvillo, R Rep Jim Sorvillo R
Ashley Hudson D
Dist. 33 – Mcullough, D Rep Tippi McCullough D
Dist. 34 – Walker, D* Lee D. Miller D
*Deceased Ryan D. Davis D
Joy C. Springer D
Roderick Greer Talley I
Dist. 35 – Collins, D State Rep Andrew Collins D
Dist. 36 – Ennett, D State Rep Denise Ennett D
Russell Williams III D
Dist. 37 – Scott, D Rep Jamie Scott D
Dist. 38 – Wing, R State Rep Carlton Wing R
Matthew Stallings D
Dist. 39 – Lowery, R State Rep Mark Lowery R
Kayla Applegate D
Dist. 40 – House, R* David Ray R
*Not Running Allison Dougan I
David M. Dougan I
Karyn Maynard R
Dist. 41  -Brown, R Rep Karilyn Brown R
Jannie M. Cotton D
Zach Randall D
Dist. 42 – Perry, D Mark Perry D
Dist. 43 – Evans, R State Rep Brian S. Evans R
Dist. 44 – Cooper, R Rep Cameron Cooper R
Rodney Govens D
Dist. 45 – Wooten, R Rep. Jim Wooten R
Dist. 46 – Eaves, R Rep Les Eaves R
Dist. 47 – Christiansen, R State Rep Craig Christiansen R
Dist. 48 – Murdock, D Rep Reginald Murdock D
Dist. 49 – Hollowell, R Rep Steve Hollowell R
Justin Reeves D
Dist. 50 – Nicks, D Rep. Milton Nicks, Jr. D
Dist. 51 – Ferguson, D Rep Deborah Ferguson D
Dist. 52 – Tosh, R State Rep Dwight Tosh R
Dist. 53 – Sullivan, R* Mayor Jon Milligan R
*Running for Senate Shawn Only D
Cole Peck R
Councilman Bobby Long R
Dist. 54 – Rye, R Rep Johnny Rye R
Dist. 55 – Hodges, D Rep Monte Hodges D
Gary Tobar R
Dist. 56 – Jett, R State Rep Joe Jett R
Dist. 57 – Gazaway, R Rep Jimmy Gazaway R
Dist. 58 – Smith, R Rep Brandt Smith R
Ken Yarbrough R
Jim Burton D
Dist. 59 – Ladyman, R Reginald (Ray) Prunty D
Rep Jack Ladyman R
Dist. 60 – Cavenaugh, R Rep Fran Cavenaugh R
Dist. 61 – Davis, R State Rep Marsh Davis R
Dist. 62 – Gray, R State Rep Michelle Gray R
Dist. 63 – Smith, R Rep Stu Smith R
Dist. 64 – Payton, R Rep John Payton R
Dist. 65 – Beck, R Rep Rick Beck R
David Norman D
Dist. 66 – Miller, R Rep Josh Miller R
Dist. 67 – Meeks, S., R Rep Stephen Meeks R
Steve Wilson D
Dist. 68 – Berry, R State Rep Stan Berry R
Lisa L. Hassell D
Dist. 69 – Pilkington, R Rep Aaron Pilkington R
Dist. 70 – Hawks, R Rep Spencer Hawks R
Dist. 7 1- Cloud, R Rep Joe Cloud R
Dist. 72 – Magie, D Rep Steve Magie D
James B. Phillips R
Dist. 73  -Bentley, R State Rep Mary Bentley R
Dist. 74 – Eubanks, R Rep Jon S. Eubanks R
Shawn Bates R
June Anteski D
Curtis J. Varnell R
Dist. 75 – Johnson, R Lee Johnson R
Dist. 76 – Crawford, R Rep Cindy Crawford R
Caleb Harwell D
Dist. 77 – Boyd, R Rep Justin Boyd R
Stephen Edwards L
Dist. 78 – Richardson, D Rep Jay Richardson D
Dist. 79 – Deffenbaugh, R Rep Gary Deffenbaugh R
Dist. 80 – Fite, R Rep Charlene Fite R
Lou Reed Sharp D
Dist. 81 – Coleman, R Rep Bruce Coleman R
Dist. 82 – Capp, R* Mark H. Berry R
*Not seeking re-election Gwen Ford Faulkenberry D
Dist. 83 – Slape, R Rep Keith Slape R
Dist. 84 – Garner, D Rep Denise Garner D
Dist. 85 – Whitaker, D State Rep David Whitaker D
Brian Hester R
Dist. 86 – Clowney, D Rep Nicole Clowney D
John S. LaTour R
Dist. 87 – Lundstrum, R State Rep Robin Lundstrum R
Michael Bennett-Spears D
Dist. 88 – Penzo, R Rep Clint Penzo R
Hawley Woods D
Dist. 89 – Godfrey, D Rep Megan Godfrey D
Jed Duggar R
Dist. 90 – Della Rosa, R State Rep Jana Della Rosa R
Kendon Underwood R
Chris Latimer R
Kelly Ross Kraut D
Dist. 91 – Douglas, R* Jorge Becker R
*Not running Nick Jones D
Scott Richardson R
Delia Haak R
Dist. 92 – McKenzie, R Rep. Gayla Hendren McKenzie R
Dist. 93 – Dotson, R State Rep Jim Dotson R
Daisy Bonilla D
Dist. 94 – Petty, R* Adrienne Woods R
*Petty not running John P. Carr R
Jene Huffman-Gilreath D
Dist. 95 – McCollum, R Rep Austin McCollum R
Dist. 96 – Hodges, R* Jon Comstock D
*Not running J. P.  Joshua Bryant R
Dist. 97 – Breaux, R State Rep Harlan Breaux R
Suzie Bell D
Dist. 98 – McNair, R Rep Ron McNair R
Dist. 99 – Fortner, R Rep Jack Fortner R
Dist. 100 – Speaks, R Rep Nelda Speaks R
Kevin Vornheder L
Paige Dillard Evans R
D – Democrat
R – Republican
I – Independent
L – Libertarian